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Check Valves | GESTRA

Check Valves | GESTRA Non-Return (Check) Valves Improve system productivity and reliability Non-return (check) valves prevent the risk of back flow in your steam, liquid and gas pipelines. GESTRA's non-return (check) valves are designed for applications such as industrial, HVAC, sanitary, heating and hot water systems.

Swing Check Valves for Water | Municipal & Industrial ...

Its ductile iron 250 psi rating and fusion bonded epoxy coating place the Val-Matic Swing Check Valve in a class above other swing check valves for water. The available closure options of Lever & Weight, Air Cushion, and Lever & Spring allow the valve to be used effectively in a wide range of pumping system applications.

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products,FLOWORK INC. A Check valve often called as Non Return Check valve or One-way valve is a vale that normally only allows fluid to flow forward one direction. Check valves have two ports, one for entering and the other one for leaving.

Check Valve - Fivalco, Inc.

Swing Check Grooved. Swing Check Flanged. Riser Swing Check Valve. Products. » Bronze Butterfly Valve. » Butterfly Valve. » Check Valve.

Products - Check Valves | Emerson

Browse Check Valves products. Emerson is where technology and engineering come together to create solutions for the benefit of our customers, driven without compromise for a …

Check Valves | ASC Engineered Solutions

FPPI Check Valves are manufactured of solid brass for use on sprinkler and standpipe systems. Each check valve is tapped (plugged) with a ½" or ¼" IPS port for installation of a system accessory such as a ball drip, sprinkler gauge or other approved device. (¼" NPT on 2½" diameter valve.) * Contains lead.

Check Valves • Pressure Relief Valves - Smart Products

Series 100 Standard Cartridge Check Valves. Standard cartridge and manual relief bleed valve styles. Easily inserted into fitting, manifold, or installed in-line. Sizes range from 1/4" to 3/4". 9+ plastic body material options. 7+ o-ring material options. 0.09 to …

Check Valve - Chaoda USA

Design Specifications. Cast Steel Swing Check Valve. Design: API 594 or ASME B16.34. Size Range: 2" to 36" *. Pressure Range: Class 150 thru 2500 *. End Connections: Flanged RF & RTJ, Butt Weld *. Inspection and Testing: API 598 Leakage Test. Flanged End Dimensions: ASME B16.5 (≤24"), ASME B16.47 Series A or B (>24")

Check Valves - HYDAC

Check valves belong to the category of the shut-off valves. These valves allow flow in one direction and block the opposite direction. HYDAC proudly manufactures and supplies check valves for hydraulic systems to meet the needs of clients across a vast range of industries.. The Anatomy of the Check Valve

Check Valves | Parker NA

Parker provides the industry's widest selection of check valves, available in a variety of end connections. Our valves are used in a diverse range of applications, from air and fuel systems to load holding. Our check valves utilize a variety of media including oil, air, and water and are made from materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and carbon steel.

Check valves - HAWE Hydraulik

Check valves and pre-fill valves are a type of non-return valve. Check valves block the oil flow in one direction and open in the other direction. Pre-fill valves are check valves with hydraulic release. They are used, e.g. in top ram presses for suction and emptying the press cylinder on rapid closing and opening. Pre-fill valves


DN 1000 Swing Check Valve Exhibitons We Attanded High Pressure Valves Manufacture Process Materials Mounted Valves Special Valves VIS Technical Files Vis Vana Main Cataloge Vis Vana ... Products > Check Valves > Wafer Tilting Çekvalf Pn10/15/25/40 >

Check valve | What is it and where to use it? - AVK ...

Check valves are generally installed in pipelines to prevent backflow. A check valve is basically a one-way valve, in which the flow can run freely one way, but if the flow turns the valve will close to protect the piping, other valves, pumps etc. If the flow turns and no check valve is installed, water hammer can occur.

Check Valves | GESTRA

Non-return (check) valves prevent the risk of back flow in your steam, liquid and gas pipelines. GESTRA's non-return (check) valves are designed for applications such as industrial, HVAC, sanitary, heating and hot water systems. Designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, you can improve productivity and system reliability, by ...

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Swing check valves - Velan

Category: Gate, globe, and check valves Product line: Cast steel (bolted bonnet) valves. Size range(s) NPS 2 - 48 (DN 50 - 1200) Pressure rating ASME Classes 150 - 1500 Standard connections Flanged; Features and benefits Body and cover: Precision machined castings.

Industrial Check Valves Products | Flowserve

Flowserve's check valves product portfolio is one of the most comprehensive in the flow control industry. Explore a wide range of check valves today.

Check Valve Products From Flomatic | Flomatic

Check Valve Products From Flomatic | Flomatic Check Valves: Silent (Wafer and Globe), Swing Check, Ball Check, Submersible, VFD, Ward, Flapper Style, and Other Check Valves Check valves are mechanical devices that permit liquids and gases to flow in only one direction, preventing flow from reversing.

Check valves - Velan

Overview. Category: Gate, globe, and check valves. Product line: API 602 small forged valves. Size range (s) NPS 1/4 - 2 (DN 8 - 50) Pressure rating. ASME Classes.

Check Valves | Valves | Swagelok

Check Valves Check valves are designed to allow fluids to flow in one direction only and are rated for use in medium- and high-pressure applications. Swagelok check valves come in a variety of designs, including spring and poppet, lift, and …

Products - Valvetek Trading

Check Valve Swing Type 25 Bar ANSI 300 5102-1. GALA Regulating System Check Valves. Check Valve Swing Type 25 Bar ANSI 300 5102-1. Product Info

Check-All Valve 2019 Catalog

Check-All® products are designed, manufactured and distributed in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements. That means when you order Check-All Valve® products you are assured of receiving the highest quality check valves; consistently and on-time. ®Sanitary Standards The Check-All style 3S check valve is compliant with 3-A Sanitary

Subsea Check Valve - Maverick Valves

Subsea Check Valves Axial, Piston and Swing Check Valves for Surface and Subsea Applications Maverick's Check Valve range supports client needs for a flexible approach to solutions where protection against back flow and pressure surges are concerned. The robust design of the Swing Check Valve is typically favoured to overcome these service conditions …

Energy-saving Silence Check Valve

HC41X Energy-saving Silence Check Valve 1.Type: HC41X 2.Size: DN40~600mm 3.Pressure: 1.0~2.5MPa 4.Material: Cast steel,Stainless steel,Etc.

Check Valves for Aerospace & Defense | The Lee Company

The Lee Chek®check valve product line starts with a valve just 0.094 of an inch in diameter and 0.333 of an inch in length and weighing in at just 0.14 of a gram. Despite their size, these robust valves are proven to exceed aerospace standards and guarantee reliable performance over the life of an aircraft.

Check valves - HAWE Hydraulik

Check valves. Check valves are a type of non-return valve. They block the oil flow in one direction and open in the opposite direction. In the closed state they have zero leakage.

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Dual-Plate Check Valves | GESTRA

These check valves prevent backflow in horizontal and vertical pipelines. They are wafer-type valves with a double swing design, two hinge pins and four springs. BB DISCOCHECK dual-plate check valves can be used with a wide range of liquid, gas and vapour systems.

Check Valves Products - ecplaza.net

Check Valves products ☆ Find Check Valves products, manufacturers, suppliers and exporters

Check valve | KITZ

KITZ wafer catch valve is an impact-absorbing check valve specified in the Standard Specifications for Public Building Works. We also offer products certified by the Fire and Safety Centre, as well as those certified by the Japan Water Works Association and those certified by SAS358 Standard.